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Why attend a conference……from the interpreter’s points of view

Kirsty Heimerl-Moggan (German-English interpreter)

My MA students often ask me why I spend so much time and money on Continuous Professional Development (CPD). After all, I have worked as an interpreter for 22 years and they seem to think that I would surely be done with CPD by now.

The answer to their question is really quite easy – it never stops.


Adversarial vs Inquisitorial System

On Friday 27th November of this year, specialist legal translators Nelia Fahloun and Andrew Leigh will be leading a dual English/French legal workshop on the topic of litigation. If you’re thinking about becoming a legal translator or are already an established translator in this field, why not join us to find out more about this subject and improve your translation skills?

We’ve put together this article as a short taster of the kind of issues that we will be looking at in our comparison of English and French litigation procedure.


Wish you were there?

As the Newcastle ITI conference approaches, I find myself with “conference envy”. I attended the 2011 and 2013 ITI conferences. They were both fun and instructive, and I had hoped to do attend again in 2015. However, I found myself unable to justify the cost and time of making two transatlantic trips this year: to attend the conference in the spring as well as to visit family in the summer.


Conference survival tips

Not much longer now for the 2015 ITI Conference! Excited, nervous? I bet you are. With tens of talks and workshops on offer, many vendors to talk to and hundreds of attendees to network with, conferences can be pretty stressful. Here are some tips to make it a more enjoyable and productive experience.


How sentence segmentation impacts translators

Sentence segmentation, the process of breaking a text into sentences or segments, is a seemingly mundane topic that most translators have probably never given much thought to. Although at first glance it seems innocuous, sentence segmentation is actually a fundamental first step of many tasks and processes that influence translators on a daily basis including translation memory, machine translation, and bitext alignment.


10 ways to generate publicity for your freelance translation business

To get the word out about your business and your expertise, you can use publicity and public relations to gain a more prominent position in the marketplace. There are two ways to spread information about your business: publicity and advertising.


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