Ukrainian crisis

Find below external links to initiatives and resources, and links to model document translations, to support those affected by the war in Ukraine

Disclaimer: These lists have been compiled from various published sources and shared in good faith. Please send any additions or changes to [email protected] who are coordinating the information on behalf of ITI and a number of other organisations who are collaborating in this sphere.

Last updated 15 March 2022

Model document translations for visa applications - templates

Ukrainian-English model document translations

The UK's Ukraine language support task force, comprising UK based professional language associations and organisations, has created model document translations for the most commonly needed documents:

• Birth Certificate (in two versions: late Soviet-era and more recent)

• Marriage Certificate

• Divorce Certificate

The documents can be downloaded and used free of charge by following the link below to the Charity Translators website. 

The template translations have been produced by Paul Norman, professional translator and member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and checked by Elena Edwards, professional translator and interpreter and member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Our thanks to them both.

General information sources and support

UK - Ukraine Family Scheme visa

UK Government Homes for Ukraine Sponsored Scheme

UK Government information:

UK Local Government Authorities

You can search the website of your Local Council for updated information and guidance for your local area.

Local Community Support Groups on Facebook

Local Facebook Groups have been set up across the UK to support refugees and host families. Use a keyword search to find and join your local groups.


Ukrainian Support Helpline:

British Red Cross

Help for Ukrainian nationals:

UK - Migrant Help

Information for refugees in English only:

Refugee Council

Information for people affected by the crisis in Ukraine:

UK - Sanctuary Foundation

Information for hosting Refugees and for Refugees to share their contact information: 

UK - Ukrainian Refugee Support

Ukrainian Institute London:

The University of Manchester

Information for adults looking after a child or children through conflict and displacement:



Healthcare Info (Doctors of the World)

Navigating the NHS and right to healthcare in Ukrainian and Russian:

Children's Activity Book for Emotional Well-Being - My Emotions Activity Book in Ukrainian and English:

Resources for Trauma (Psychology Tools)

Trauma And PTSD resources in English, Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian:

For organisations or individuals needing help with translation or interpreting

Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)

Find a professional – costs will apply:

Translators Without Borders

[email protected]

Translators for Ukraine

List of volunteer translators and interpreters

Clear Global

Eligible nonprofits, local organisations, community groups and individuals providing support to people facing the crisis will get free translation support from Clear Global's volunteer community via the Translators Without Borders platform for an initial period of three months (renewable if needed).

Respond Crisis Translation

For individuals and organisations needing language support (Ukrainian/Russian):

[email protected]

The Big Word

Donating 5000 minutes of telephone interpreting for organisations supporting refugees through WordSynk TI App: 

The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

Linguistic assistance provided on a pro-bono basis:

Interpreters -

Translators -

POLAND - Translators for Ukraine

All Translation Associations in Poland including Polish Association of Conference Interpreters - over 500 volunteers:

ROMANIA - Translating for Humanity

Romanian to/from Ukrainian pro-bono translation services to patients with advanced illnesses or chronic diseases, seeking medical treatment abroad, and/or to those applying for reimbursements for overseas medical treatment:

[email protected]

KUDO -software

Free use of video conferencing platform for NGOs & volunteer interpreters: 


Offering its interpreting technology, Translit RSI, to Irish government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charities, and refugees:

ATLAS Translations

Translation services from Ukrainian to English – costs may apply:


Translation services from Ukrainian to English – costs may apply:

TTC wetranslate

Translation services English/Ukrainian – costs may apply: 

[email protected] 

My Language Hub Ltd 

Translation services English/Ukrainian – costs may apply:

Lingua Services

Certified translations from Ukrainian/Russian to English – a cost may apply:

[email protected] 

Clear Voice Interpreting Services 

Interpreting services English/Ukrainian – costs will apply:

Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL)

Find-a-Linguist – costs will apply:

National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI)

Find an interpreter – costs will apply:


Safety Guidelines: Conflict Zone Field Guide for Civilian Translators/ Interpreters and Users of Their Services in multiple languages:

Eurasian Linguistics 

Translation services from Ukrainian/Russian to English:

[email protected]

Global Voices

Interpreting and translation service:

[email protected]

Verbatim Services 

Certified translations from Ukrainian to English:

[email protected]   

Notable Notaries

Ukrainian/English document certifications and translations

Talk Russian Ltd

Certified translations from Russian to English:

[email protected]

Association of Translation Companies

Translation Services:

Association of  Community Interpreters

Volunteer your language skills

Translators Without Borders

You can join to help with Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Moldovan, German languages: 

Charity Translators

Join the network:

Respond Crisis Translation

You can join to help with Ukrainian and Russian:

The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

Volunteer roster for interpreters & translators:

POLAND - Translators for Ukraine 

All Translation Associations in Poland including Polish Association of Conference Interpreters - over 500 volunteers:

POLAND - Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators (TEPIS)

You can join to help with Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and all other languages. The list will be made available to the aid organisations, help points and authorities/offices in Poland.

FRANCE - Réfugié

You can join to help with many languages but especially Ukrainian and Russian.

ROMANIA - Translating for Humanity

If you are a medical translator working from Romanian to/from Ukrainian:


Free use of video conferencing platform for Volunteer Interpreters:


Disasters Emergency Committee

Link to the Ukraine humanitarian appeal

CLEAR Global

Help those fleeing war to get the information they are looking for and communicate their needs in a language they understand. 

Safe places to donate to Ukraine

Training and recruitment

Watch the FREE ITI webinar

For interpreters, refugee charities, community groups, organisations that support people of two languages, and unemployment support groups.

Home Office seeks interpreters

The Task Force is working directly with the Home Office who are urgently looking to expand their direct interpreter pool for Ukrainian>English and Russian>English. You can download the requirements and details of how to apply below.

Intepreting courses

From 1 April DPSI online are making the following courses available FREE of charge (mention that you received the link from ITI to qualify). 

Introduction to Interpreting course - A taster course for anyone who wishes to consider interpreting as a profession.

Interpreting for Victims of Crime - For anyone working in emotional settings.

Do you want to learn more about what an interpreter does?

DPSI Online is providing this Introduction to Interpreting course free of charge to anyone who wants to explore the role of interpreters in different settings and will show what you need to train as a professional community or public service interpreter at level 3 or higher. This course is not a training course and consequently, will not allow you to start working as an interpreter right away. Instead, it aims to provide learners with an insight into the interpreting profession because those undertaking paid assignments are required to hold at least a level 3 interpreting qualification. Click here to complete enrolment.

Training Providers (costs will apply)

The Task Force is actively considering other training requirements to help increase the number of Ukrainian speaking interpreters and translators.

Language support guidance from Council of Europe

Council of Europe has published a host of resources aimed at supporting the linguistic integration of refugees from Ukraine in public services, schools, and the workplace:

Language Learning and Apps

SayHi Translate

Free speech translation app available for iOS and Android devices:

Free Workshops for Refugee Hosts

Are you hosting a refugee or asylum seeker in your home? English Unlocked can help you better communicate in English.

Click on Tickets for availability:


Free Ukrainian text translation:


Free App to learn Ukrainian:

Free App for Ukrainian speakers to learn other languages:

 Find out more about the UK's Language support task force, of which ITI is a member.