Italian Network: Business and translation mentoring registration

1 November 2021 (times tbc) ITI Networks online

Our mentoring for 2021 will cover both business and translation into and out of Italian. The programme will run from 1 November 2021 until 30 April 2022.

Translation mentoring includes 3 texts in a specialism agreed between mentor and mentee, with three discussions about the learning points for these translations. Whereas business mentoring is formed of 3 one-hour discussions between the mentor and mentee on pre-agreed business skills.

Fees for mentees are:

  • business mentoring £60
  • translation mentoring £140

And mentors are paid:

  • business mentoring £120
  • translation £240

All fees are inclusive of VAT.

Registration is currently open – click here to register 

Any mentees that are not members of the Italian Network will be given free membership for the current year, until end June 2022. Mentors will be asked to join the network and need to be MITI or FITI, or have 10 years’ translation experience. We pair up mentors with mentees for the best match possible, keeping in mind specialisms and interests.

Translation mentoring brief overview: Following an initial meeting to get to know each other, three texts of approximately 700-800 words will be set by the mentor for the mentee to translate. Mentor and mentee will agree on the text type, deadlines and the time/media for discussing the texts.

Business mentoring brief overview: Following an initial meeting to get to know each other and agree on the business skills to be focussed on, three one-hour meetings will take place to develop and discuss skills and activities related to the business skill area. The mentor may set tasks for the mentee to complete between calls.

Mentors and mentees should expect to spend a number of hours outside the meeting times as part of the programme. A certificate of completion is provided at the end to cover a maximum of 20 hours and 10 hours for translation and business mentoring respectively.

More details are available in the documents below:

Translation Mentoring FAQ 

Business Mentoring FAQ

Contact email: [email protected]

Closing date: Registration will close on the 10 October 2021