Machine Translation rates and pricing models

25 February 2021 10am – 11am ITI online webinar

Raising awareness in the quest for a fairer approach

Learn more about the different MTPE (machine translation post-editing) pricing models being used in the industry so that you can make informed choices about how to charge for projects.

The webinar will help you to

  • Decide the rate level you would like to achieve as compensation for your translation work.
  • Assess your willingness to accept (or reject) MTPE projects
  • Decide whether it makes sense for you to incorporate MT/MTPE in your workflows (given their unique and specific set of requirements and circumstances)
  • Assess the suitability of MTPE project conditions (including rates and deadlines) being offered by some customers in some market segments
  • Increase your awareness of the main trends in the areas of MT, MTPE, pricing and conditions

This webinar will be useful to translators at all stages in their career and regardless of your level of experience in translation, or more specifically in MTPE (machine translation post-editing). It will be especially suitable for translators who are concerned about MT, for translators who remain undecided about accepting (or rejecting) MTPE projects, for translators who are reluctant about incorporating MT/MTPE in their workflows and also for translators with an interest in productivity.


ITI members: Free

Non-members: £10 +VAT