Understanding the role of project managers at LSPs

6 August 2020 11am – 12pm ITI online webinar

This webinar will give translators just starting out in the profession invaluable tips to help you understand the role of project managers (PM) and how maintaining good working relationships with them will benefit you as a freelance translator.

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You will learn:

  • How project managers at LSPs work
  • The best way to engage and work most effectively with them
  • How freelancers fit in with an LSP
  • How you can help product managers solve their clients’ problems to ensure that good working relationships are maintained
  • The positive impact good collaboration with LSP project managers can have on your daily work 

The key parties in the global localisation chain are the translation buyers, multi-language service provider companies, single-language service provider companies and translators. The services cover content creation and generation, content translation and localisation, and content delivery and distribution. The best translators understand how their role fits into the bigger picture of language service provision and how they are responsible for contributing to a business environment that helps all their collaboration partners do a good job. 

The role of project manager has changed in the past decade, and it keeps changing. With the agile approach to creating and updating content, the average translation job size has reduced dramatically, and the continuous localisation method dictates a faster pace of work for project managers. Many processes have been automated. There is also a growing need for transparency; clients are asking to see linguists’ CVs and they want to track which linguists worked on which of their files. 

The PM role looks different at different LSPs. At one, a PM is a cog in a streamlined machine that consists of a salesperson, account manager, language engineer, vendor manager, DTPer and quality control colleague. At another, one PM performs all of those tasks. They all work in a high-pressure environment.

In this webinar you will discover how to work most effectively with project managers and in a way that will benefit both you and the LSP.

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Anu Carnegie-Brown

Managing Director, Sandberg Translation Partners