Project Manager membership

Why has ITI launched this new category?

ITI was set up to promote the highest standards in the translation and interpreting profession, and we feel that increased engagement between all of those involved in the provision of language services can only be a positive thing. It is therefore a natural extension of ITI’s membership offering to open our doors to project managers and those in similar roles, and in doing so, help to drive up standards across the board.

How will this new category help those working in different roles across the profession, including freelancers?

ITI is fortunate enough to already have a blend of individual and corporate members which gives us a unique perspective on the issues being encountered by all parties. Project managers and those in associated roles interact with interpreters and translators on a daily basis so there is a clear opportunity to increase collaboration between all of those involved in the provision of language services.

What’s the difference between the Supporter category, the Affiliate category and the new Project Manager category?

The Supporter membership category is for people who have an interest in the translation and interpreting industry but who are not translators or interpreters themselves, e.g. CEO, consultant, lexicographer.

Affiliate membership is intended for translators and interpreters who are just starting out in their career and taking the first step up the career ladder.

The newly introduced Project Manager category is intended for those working as project managers, resource managers and in other associated roles within Language Service Providers.

Can I upgrade from this category?

If you fulfil the criteria for another ITI category then you can, of course, apply for an upgrade.