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Food for thought: new ITI Research Network

Written by Sarah Bawa Mason

ITI Chair Sarah Griffin-Mason introduces the new Research Network and discusses its significance for the sector.

We are currently sitting at the knee of the curve in AI and MT developments, the ‘gig economy’ is further undermining security for freelance workers, and the landscape in our sector can be expected to change rapidly over the coming 10 years. As a responsible professional entity, ITI must prepare members and itself for a future of working conditions and practices that will undoubtedly be significantly different to those of today.

As a first of many planned steps, ITI launched the new ITI Research Network in early November. The essential underlying concept here is the formation of a nexus between corporate member universities, corporate member companies and individual members allowing them access to each other in order to produce solid research outcomes.

Over the last two years, ITI has been trialling research partnerships through individual projects with a number of research partners (the outputs are now appearing on the ITI website - see the Professional Development tab under Research).

This new forum will outstrip the capacity of such small initiatives. Above all, it will grant ITI the opportunity for a more coherent approach, allowing us to select, shape and, ultimately, commission the research we need to achieve better insight into key issues affecting the situation of practising language service providers, both corporate and individual.

The longer-term aim is the production of strong evidence-based arguments upon which to model future developments and with which to promote the highest standards in the profession. We aim to do all that we can to secure and protect the roles of the professional translator andi nterpreter, to defend providers of professional translation and interpreting services, and to support the trainers of future professionals for the sector.

ITI members will be able to access summaries of the projects on the ITI website and download completed research papers as these become available. Willing members will also be invited to participate in the surveys and polls posted by our researchers. 

For further information on our research projects contact the ITI ResearchNetwork research@iti.org.uk


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