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Monthly Web round-up

Arts and culture

The Icelandic translation of Dracula is actually a different book     

Why should authors consider book translation      

Literary translation: an author’s perspective       

Translated fiction in the UK: the stats          



Are we different people in different languages?     


Lack of language and cultural skills risks ‘Global Britain’ after Brexit     



Translation technology usage in university translation courses; beyond word processors    

First major database of non-native-English     



Food packaging translation 



Freelancer burnout – how to avoid it     


Foreignisation versus domestication       

Free tools and resources for freelance translators    

Tips for finishing things     

Resources to help ensure translation payment      

Honing your translation skills      



Interpreting in gender violence settings     

Sean Spicer slaps down BBC suggestion Donald Trump failed to use translator    

Remote interpreting: feeling our way in to the future   

Interpreters discuss being the voices of vulnerable people    

Using interpreters during media interviews     


Language miscellany

15 beautiful Spanish words we need in English   

21 inspiring German proverbs     



Tools of the legal translator’s trade     

Los 110 términos jurídicos más comunes y sus traducciones al español

In the news

Scandal marks Trump/Erdogan press conference      

Which languages Americans study and why     

Why translators have the blues    

UN officially recognises 30 September as translation day reaction   

Nuts and bolts

How to reply to negative feedback about your translation   


Medical translation regulations      


Cardinal sins of translation #7: Translating for free   

The hardest word in the English language to translate?    



Tablets for interpreters      

Machine translation; a potted history   

Translation community

The Translator Relay: Maria Jose Gimenez    

Look out for our next round-up at the start of next month.

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