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Monthly Web round-up


Arts and culture

The translation challenges of the Little Prince   

Poetic insights into France’s beloved bad boy of Gallic letters 

Translation woes plague Chinese film industry  

Shortlist for Read Russia Translation Prize announced  

Once forbidden, historic Russian translation of the Talmud gains steam  


Body and brain

How language is processed by your brain 

You can predict someone’s aptitude for language learning by studying their resting brain (research) 


European Union

One-language EU policy would foster elitism and hit proportionately the least advantaged  

Trade documentation surged before EU Referendum says BCC 


Newspapers and TV

Why being bilingual works wonders for your brain 

The subtle art of translating foreign fiction 

Foreign languages A-level slump blamed on cuts 

A-level results show that standards remain high, but languages are a cause for concern  

Wife cake and evil water: the perils of auto-translation 

Rumours and lies: “The refugee crisis is an information crisis”  

How English gave birth to surprising new languages 

The Sun’s embarrassing transfer story fail shows the perils of using Google Translate 

Microsoft apologises after Bing translation offends Saudi Arabia 

Private schools uneasy over A-level language grades, despite rise in top performers 

People have been turning nouns into verbs for centuries – so why does it grate so much? 



Medical interpreters need extra training to help dying patients 



Learn 46 languages for free online   



Translation technology to break down language barrier for tourists in Korea 

Microsoft updates translator app: Bilingual dictionary, phrasebooks 

UN feeds 800,000 documents to translation bots 

Have you heard about Google’s new Crowdsource App? 


Translation/interpreting community

LanguageLine’s new owner says tech will not replace interpreters 

In conversation: Lulu Norman and Ros Schwarz, co-translators of About My Mother 

International Translation Day 2016  

Cut the coy act, translators  



A Chinese driver says he crashed his Tesla on autopilot because of a bad translation  



Hotel jargon buster  

Personal guides enhancing Chinese travellers’ experience at Helsinki airport  


Business world

Research study finds compelling evidence linking the financial health of global companies with website multilingualism 

HMRC’s planned IR35 reform cuts no ice with public sector 

Quality over price: how to shift your client’s priorities 

Why you must think like a business and not just a freelancer 

Four types of clients that will drag your business down  

Freelancers taking more holidays than employed people 

Small businesses lost £6bn last year from not chasing bad debts 



Look out for our next round-up at the start of October.

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