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Brexit round-up - August 2017

 Here's the first of ITI's quarterly round-ups covering Brexit developments, as well as news and views from across Europe and beyond. 

There is a large volume of material being published about Brexit. These items have been selected taking into account relevance and significance, and to represent a broad range of perspectives.

It should be noted that the situation will evolve quickly, and these pieces are for information only and to give a feel for the types of views currently being expressed, and should not be seen as representing the views of the Institute.




David Davis being questioned by the Brexit select committee on what a ‘no deal’ outcome would entail – 15 March



UK media

Only 2% of businesses would accept Theresa May’s No Deal Brexit (10 July 2017)  – Business Insider


MPs set up new all-party parliamentary group to combat ‘destructive’ hard Brexit (10 July 2017) – The Independent


German industry warns UK not to expect help in Brexit negotiations (9 July 2017) – The Guardian


I’m beginning to think Brexit may never happen says Vince Cable (9 July 2017) – The Guardian


UK service sector stumbles, missing forecasts as Brexit bites (5 July 2017) – The Independent


A translated article calling Britain the laughing stock of Europe has gone viral on Facebook (21 June 2017) – Independent


David Davis has already caved in to EU demands in the Brexit negotiation (20 June 2017) – The Mirror


Theresa May’s failed gamble is set to scupper Brexit talks (14 June 2017) – New European


Non-UK media

Theresa May vacille sure le Brexit (11 July) – Le Monde

The prime minister, politically weakened, is gradually being compelled to reconsider her strategy of a radical divorce from Europe.


Brexit: la place de Paris croit en ses chances  (11 July) – Le Monde 

United Kingdom leaving the EU promises a redistribution of fortunes in the financial industry, up until now dominated by the City of London.

Wie weich wird der harte Brexit? (19 June 2017) – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

How hard or soft a Brexit the UK Government will be seeking. Chaos, instability and factions in the UK Government following elections.


Lachnummer Europas (17 June) – Der Bund

The state of Brexit Britain – a perspective from Switzerland. Full translation here.


UK, Unione Europea e le trattative del post-Brexit (12 June 2017) –  Corriere Della Sera

Italian journalist’s perspective on the negotiations and how they will develop from a cultural point of view.


Parole Chiave Brexit – Ile Sole 24 Ore

Review of Brexit articles published.





UK Government position statement on rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals living in the EU post-Brexit


Retaining EU citizenship:  new report sets out how (20 June)



UK media

Brexit: Theresa May’s offer to EU citizens falls short (10 July) – BBC


EU Parliament’s lead Brexit negotiator Guy Verhoftstadt rejects Theresa May’s offer on citizens’ rights (10 July 2017) – Herald Scotland



Non-UK media

Brexit, l'ambasciatore italiano in Gb: "Proposta May segnale concreto, la questione aperta è il livello di tutela dei diritti (23 June 2017) –  Repubblica

Italian ambassador to the UK talks about UK Government’s citizenship proposals. He stresses the importance of protecting rights, particularly in the field of work and family reunification.


Immer mehr Briten woollen Deutsche werden (13 June 2017) – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Applications for repatriation from UK descendants of Germans expatriated between 1933 and 1945 have gone up from 46 in 2014, 63 in 2015 to 760 in 2016 and 833 for the period January to May 2017.


Viel mehr Briten woollen Deutsche sein (13 June 2017) – tagesschau.de

In total, 2865 Britons acquired German citizenship by naturalisation in 2016, about 4 times as many as in 2015 (622).


The Embassy Singers: My dear Mister Gesangsverein (15 May 2017) – Zeit Magazin

100,000 Britains living in Germany. Suggests most are applying for naturalisation or counting days until they can.


Brexit: la caccia alla doppia cittadinanza e alla cittadinanza italiana (21 April 2017) – Salvis Juribus

Law firm article on Italian citizenship


Als ich mich schämte (1 April 2017) – taz.de

Personal response to Brexit from a British citizen living in the UK.




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