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ITI has produced Brexit guidance material for its members, that will be regularly updated in line with the latest developments and feedback received. Just log in as a member to My ITI and go to the My Membership Section and Member Information and you will see the Brexit heading.

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Here’s our latest round-up of articles on translation, interpreting and related themes that have appeared across the Web this month.

We talk to Hannah Keet – German and French into English translator and member of the ITI Brexit Working Party – in the latest in our ITI Profile series.

THE UN General Assembly (UNGA) has declared 30 September as International Translation Day, recognising the contribution of language professionals to the UN.

The findings of the UK Translator Survey 2017 were launched in London on 11 May.

Here's the second of ITI's quarterly round-ups covering Brexit developments, as well as news and views from across Europe and beyond.

There is a large volume of material being published about Brexit. These items have been selected taking into account relevance and significance, and to represent a broad range of perspectives.

It should be noted that the situation will evolve quickly, and these pieces are for information only and to give a feel for the types of views currently being expressed, and should not be seen as representing the views of the Institute.


General/Brexit negotiations


UK Media

Brexit talks: UK must prepare to leave without deal, say ex-ministers (19 October 2017) – Guardian 


Labour will not accept a no-deal Brexit  (18 October 2017) – BBC 


Theresa May’s speech leaves Germans unmoved as continental press warns of ‘problems’ in UK’s approach  (22 September 2017) – Independent 


May’s Brexit speech leaves some key questions answered  (22 September 2017) – Spectator


Leading EU figures react to Theresa May’s Florence speech (22 September 2017) – Guardian 


No one from the EU Commission is going to Theresa May’s big speech (21 September 2017) – Independent 


Brexit: Boris Johnson labelled a ‘nationalist liar’ by European newspapers after reviving £350m claim (10 September 2017) - Independent 


 My vision for a bold, thriving Britain enabled by Brexit  (15 September 2017) – Telegraph            

(Also available in full here)


 Juncker demands ‘satisfactory’ response on Brexit Plan (29 August 2017) – Times 


 Non-UK media


Les Britanniques commencent a regretter le Brexit (18 October 2017) – Le Monde 


Brexit talks are failing. Somebody needs to care (18 October 2017) – Bloomberg 


Συνεργασία σε θέματα ασφαλείας παρά το Brexit (18 October 2017) -  Η KAΘHMEPINH  

Desirability of continued security cooperation despite Brexit


Germany drafts outline of EU-UK ties post-Brexit, paper shows (16 October 2017) - ­ Bloomberg


«Καμπανάκι» από την ΕΣΕΕ για τις επιπτώσεις του Brexit (16 October 2017) – 

Potential trade problems to Greece from Brexit


A review of articles on Brexit in Wall Street Italia (financial newspaper)


An updated selection of articles in the financial newspaper Il sole24 ore


 A review of recent articles  in La Repubblica


 A review of recent articles in Post Italia


 A review of recent articles from Huffington Post Italia


Brexit review in Business Insider Italy


The Spanish Brexit (27 September 2017) – voxeurop 


Sorry Boris Johnson, little Britain has little to offer Australia (1 August 2017) – Sidney Morning Herald


 Συμπόσιο για την Ελλάδα, τη Bρετανία και το Brexit  (16 October 2017) -  Η KAΘHMEPINH  

Overview of the important relationship between Greece and Britain, and possible impact of Brexit




UK media


May offers more assurances to EU nationals (19 October 2017) – BBC


EU citizens will not be fingerprinted or need ID cards, say officials (25 September 2017) - Guardian



Non-UK media


Ελληνες και Ιταλοί συρρέουν στη Βρετανία για δουλειά  (19 October 2017) – EURO2day

Young Greeks and Italians continue to flock to Britian


Brexit: Πάνω από 17.000 Βρετανοί ζήτησαν νέα υπηκοότητα (13 October 2017) –


Οι νέοι Έλληνες φεύγουν για Βρετανία ακόμη και με Brexit (30 September 2017) –

Brain drain from Greece to Britain continues even with Brexit


EU and the UK differ on citizens’ rights (31 August ­2017) - voxeurop


Story by Yle, the Finnish news agency:


 Brexit has caused ructions for many Finns in Britain and Brits in Finland, and on Wednesday HS takes a look at one case in some detail. Researcher Eva Johanna Holmberg received a letter from the Home Office this month telling her that she had no right to be in Britain and had one month to leave the country.

 Her mistake, it seems, was to tick the wrong box when applying via the Home Office website for the status of 'qualified person' -- an EU citizen who has lived in the UK for five years and is therefore entitled to 'settled status' and similar rights to British citizens.

This is not yet a necessary step for EU citizens in the UK, but Holmberg decided to do it anyway for peace of mind and to get the admin out of the way. The website looked simple, she tells HS, so she sent in her application. Unfortunately it was rejected and the UK government told her to leave.

She immediately contacted lawyers, who said the removal letter was almost certainly without foundation but difficult to rescind. Her partner contacted the local MP, the Green Party's Caroline Lucas, and she promised to help.

But despite legal eagles and a prominent politician in her corner, Holmberg remains in limbo. Her advocates are unsure why exactly her application was rejected but suspect it might be to do with her employment situation. Although she works for Queen Mary University in London, her employer is technically Helsinki University--and that might not suffice for UK authorities.

In any case, she has legal bills of 3,800 euros and counting and considerably less peace of mind than she had when she entered the Kafkaesque bureaucracy around Britain's chaotic plans for a life after Brexit.


The original full article was published in Finnish in Helsingin Sanomat, the main Finnish broadsheet: “Leave Britain at once! Finnish researcher ordered to leave the country within a month, although she is working, pays taxes and is married to a British man”



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