Writing and translating: a happy symbiosis

Are you interested in translating books and want to know what is involved?

In this interview-style webinar, Kari Koonin talks to translator/author Aletta Stevens MITI about the two non-fiction books she has written about people and their experiences in war-torn Holland and Britain, and to EN-NL translator Meritha Paul-van Voorden AITI about her experiences translating Aletta’s first book into Dutch.

Aletta and Meritha provide some fascinating insights into:

  • The processes and practicalities involved in writing and translating non-fiction
  • What skills a translator can bring to writing non-fiction
  • Why Aletta decided not to tackle the translation of her first book into Dutch herself despite being a Dutch native speaker
  • How writer and translator can learn from each other
  • How they both managed to balance these large projects with their regular translation work.