04 Nov 2019

Autumn 2019 Pulse Survey results

The findings of the Autumn Pulse Survey reveal a more challenging business environment.

ITI members’ positivity about work prospects and the business environment has continued to show a decline since the Institute’s Pulse Survey started in Spring 2018, with uncertainties around Brexit the most likely cause of this downturn.

52% of respondents were feeling positive, versus 63% in Spring 2018. 

The proportion of respondents making client gains over the last 12 months has reduced from 65% in the spring 2019 survey to 52%, while those gaining more work from existing clients has gone down from 22% to 16%.

On a more positive note, earnings per hour/day have not shown a decline (63% said there had been no change, versus 61% in spring 2019.) In addition, the majority had not seen a change in how quickly they were being paid over the last three years, with 50% typically being paid within a month and 46% within two months.

The most common response to how often respondents were undertaking continuing professional development (CPD) was several times a year (38%). Those selecting other options such as several times a month, once a month, once a week were fairly evenly distributed. 13% said they never did any CPD.

The most popular CPD activities were reading specialist publications (72%); listening to radio programmes/podcasts and watching TV programmes/films (71%); listening to free webinars (63%); reading textbooks (50%); and attending paid training courses (49%).

The most commonly referenced ways in which CPD had benefited respondents were helping them to understand new technology (47%) and improve business skills (43%). 48% of respondents said that they logged their CPD.

Catherine Park, who manages the Pulse Survey, comments: ‘Although over 50% of respondents are still positive about the work environment, there has been a noticeable decline since we started these surveys last year. It seems likely that Brexit is a significant factor here – in terms of creating concerns, and having some concrete commercial impacts.

‘It was heartening to see a high proportion of respondents doing CPD and that so many are finding it useful in equipping them to deal with the challenges of a changing sector’.