18 Feb 2019

IntelliWebSearch as part of the translator's toolkit

Written by Catherine Park

Richard Lackey describes how the search tool IntellWebSearch has revolutionised his work.

How often do you look up a word? Perhaps in a dictionary, a thesaurus or a Google search. Until about two years ago, I would constantly find myself copying and pasting words from one program to another. That is, until I discovered IntelliWebSearch.

IntelliWebSearch is a tool developed by translator Michael Farrell and can help you easily search your favourite online or offline resources. You can assign shortcut keys so that you simply need to select the word you want to search and then press your shortcut. I have set up my own little keyboard map, so Alt+3 searches Collins Spanish dictionary, Alt+7 searches the IATE termbase, and so on. Equally, I have other shortcuts for various Google searches: searches within quote marks, without quote marks, or Google Images. It can also search Excel or Word files. Once you have searched one site, you just press the next shortcut key to go to the next search.

I can honestly say it has revolutionised my work. I Google things twice as much because it takes me just a fraction of a second, which means I research terms more thoroughly.

To hear about other useful tools such as AutoHotkey and PerfectIt, check out my webinar in the member section: ‘Tech tools for the low-stress linguist’. Alternatively, discover IntelliWebSearch here.

About Richard

Richard Lackey MITI has been translating from Spanish and French to English since 2011, now as Contractually Speaking, specialising in legal and business translations. You can contact him at [email protected] or via Twitter, @ContractSpeak.

'Tech tools for the low-stress linguist' is just one of the library of webinars available in the members' area of this website.