15 Oct 2020

ITI AGM highlights achievements of a challenging year

ITI’s online AGM took place on 10 October, with members dialling in from all over the UK and Europe.

ITI Chair Paul Appleyard described how circumstances had changed dramatically over the course of the year, starting with the Institute’s highly successful conference in Sheffield and ending with the need to operate in a virtual world and adapt to a very different environment. He added: “The highlight for many was the introduction of our virtual coffee morning, helping people to feel part of a community. We also offered a range of webinars…Many of ITI’s wonderful networks also worked hard to support their regional, subject and language-based communities with quizzes, webinars and other events.

“At the end of our year, membership was comfortably above 3,000, and I would like to thank each member for being part of our amazing ITI Community.”

Areas highlighted by ITI Chief Executive Paul Wilson included the ambitious project to develop the new Institute website and database systems; the Setting Up as a Freelance Translator course, which now has over 200 alumni; the special Starting Up as a Translator or Interpreter event, run in conjunction with the Open University; and the signing off of Vision and Mission statements that will form the core of ITI’s strategy.

In relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, he said that work on systems and technology prior to these developments had resulted in a seamless transition to home-based working for the ITI headquarters team. He added: “the regular 6 monthly Pulse survey showed the immediate effect upon the membership and so the Board decided to hold off any inflationary increase to subscriptions and to offer a 50:50 scheme to help members at a time of great uncertainty.”

In concluding remarks around the Institute’s finances, he said “that membership growth and Conference income had meant that the Institute finished the year with an on-target small surplus.”

Attendees were very engaged in the online question and answer session at the end of the AGM that followed the formal proceedings.