14 May 2021

ITI Awards 2021 - Results

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Download details of all our 2021 winners here

John Sykes Memorial Prize

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(The recipient of this award is selected by the current and previous two ITI chairs.)

Winner: Daniel Hahn

Daniel Hahn was awarded an OBE for services to literature in 2020. He has been a leading advocate for both writing and translation, working as a translator and writing about translation across many platforms over a great many years. He has been the foremost voice in the promotion of translated children’s writing and has been a leading mentor, as well as supporting mentoring, for people entering the world of literary translation.

Within the wider community, Daniel is recognised and known for his work in translation, which in turn has raised awareness of our profession among people who otherwise wouldn’t have given it a second thought

MITI assessment awards

(These awards recognise the individuals who achieved the highest mark in the MITI assessment over the previous membership year.)

John Hayes Prize for excellence in translation
Winner: Hayley Wood

Best performance – interpreting assessment
Winner: Ewa Jasinska-Davidson

Open awards

(These are the awards for which entries were invited. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our judges for all the hard work they put in. Our judges this year were: Sue Anderson, David Budgen, Daniela Ford, Ilir Hoti, Andrew Leigh, Yves LeJuen and Francesca Matteoda.)

Best Student Research
Winner: Helen Wagner

Best Newcomer – Freelancing
Winner: Hannah Lawrence

Outreach Champion
Winner: Claire Storey
Special Commendation: Shadow Heroes

Best performance on a translation assignment
Joint winners: Emma Mandley, Kim Sanderson
Special commendation: Anastasia Giagopoulou

Best performance on an interpreting assignment
Winner: Mike Downey, Salima Garti, Sean Davidson

Corporate Member
Winner: Atlas Translations

Mentor of the Year
Winner: Lynn Urch

Network events and initiatives
Winner: Polish Network

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