25 Jan 2021

ITI launches four new Corporate membership categories

The launch of four new categories for corporate members will extend ITI membership to wider sections of the language services sector and recognise those LSPs demonstrating an ongoing contribution and commitment to the profession.

ITI admitted its first corporate member 35 years ago this year and now has a strong and diverse corporate membership of over 120 Language Service Providers, universities in the UK and overseas, as well as other organisations connected to the industry, such as technology providers. Members include large, multi-language vendors and smaller, boutique single-language experts, but all of them bring a unique perspective on the language services industry to ITI and its members.

Some membership organisations focus on either individual or corporate members but ITI is fortunate in having a blend of both. This is a real strength for ITI, and its objective of achieving the highest standards across the profession is best realised by representing all of those working across the language services sector.

New corporate categories

Over the past year, ITI has been reviewing its corporate membership structure to ensure it reflects the increasing diversity and breadth within the industry. As a result four new Corporate membership categories have been launched.

Commenting on the launch, ITI’s Chief Executive Paul Wilson said ‘The launch of these new categories will ensure that our corporate membership categories are appropriate for the future, aligned with ITI’s long-term strategy and beneficial to the Institute and the profession as a whole.’

The new categories are:

Accredited Language Service Provider

Accredited LSP

Open to LSPs who have been an ITI Corporate LSP member for at least three years and who can demonstrate an ongoing contribution and commitment to the profession and to ITI. Existing ITI Corporate Language Service Provider members who meet the criteria are encouraged to upgrade their membership to what will become the gold-standard for LSP membership of ITI.

Corporate Associate

Corporate Associate

The Corporate Associate membership category is for new and growing businesses or organisations that provide translation, interpreting and associated language services and have been trading for less than three years. ITI hasn’t previously been able to admit these growing businesses and looks forward to welcoming newly established corporate businesses to the ITI network.

Corporate Technology

Corporate Technology

The Corporate Technology membership category is for businesses supplying technology and equipment to the translation and interpreting industry. Technology plays an increasingly important part in all of those involved in the provision of language services and, by growing its membership in this area, ITI looks forward to in turn growing its individual members’ expertise in this area.

Corporate Community

Corporate Community

The Corporate Community membership category is for UK-based social enterprises, registered charities and community based not-for-profit organisations providing translation or interpreting services.


Jacqui Flint, ITI’s Membership Manager, concludes ‘ITI has benefited hugely over the years from the skills and experience of our Corporate members who have frequently stepped up to run courses, offer webinars, act as mentors and take part in working groups, and we are grateful to all of them. The launch of these new categories marks an exciting development and we look forward to working with a wider and even more diverse group of language services businesses in the future.’