14 Nov 2018

ITI Medical and Pharmaceutical Network (ITIMedNet)

Tell us about ITIMedNet

We are a specialist network supporting translators and interpreters who work in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. We have approximately 290 members.

What is the aim of the group?

Our aim is to provide mutual professional support and assistance to our members, through 5 main activities: our 2 email groups (general and business); the resources on our website, such as bi-annual newsletters (including bilingual glossaries from our workshops), workshop slides, information on the mentoring scheme, a regularly updated list of medical abbreviations and another of useful websites; medical translation workshops; and our bursary scheme.

Where do you meet?

We meet up both online and face-to-face.

We have 2 active email forums, one mainly for medical terminology questions, one mainly to discuss business matters (dealings with clients, tax, job offers, CPD etc.), and we hold twice-yearly medical translation workshops.  

What sort of events do you organise?

Our medical translation workshops cover a range of subjects, as broad as colorectal surgery, anaesthesia/pain management, obstetrics, breast cancer/radiotherapy, acute medicine, vascular & abdominal surgery, the brain, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, lung diseases, and, of course, and unavoidably Covid-19. They are held mainly in the UK but are occasionally outside the UK.

If we can meet in person, we have a talk in the morning, a lunch break, and then another more detailed lecture in the afternoon. After a coffee break, we split into groups covering 8 different language pairs (French, German, Italian, Spanish or Polish, into or from English) to discuss our pre-prepared translation of an article on the subject at hand in our source language, with the speaker on hand to answer medical terminology questions. We usually round off the day with pre-dinner drinks and an evening meal.

Why should I join ITIMedNet?

Membership gives you access to the support and networking opportunities we offer through our online groups, website and workshops, first call and a discount on workshop tickets, a subsidised mentoring scheme, bursaries to attend our workshops and other relevant CPD events, listing on our public directory for MITI-qualified members.

Contact us

To join, go to https://www.itimedical.co.uk/ and click on the button “Join the Network on the top right corner, fill in your details to create a profile and pay the membership of £15 (annual fee). Anyone with an interest in medical translation/interpreting is welcome to join.

Contact: Ulrike Nichols

Email: [email protected]

Find a Professional 

The ITI Directory is a free search facility to help you find the professional translator, interpreter or language service provider that can best help you with your language requirements.

You can search on a number of criteria, such as language pair (e.g. German to English), specialisms (e.g. marketing, pharmaceutical, legal) or specific name of the individual or business.

All individual members listed in the ITI Directory are Qualified members (MITI) or Fellows of ITI (FITI). This means that they have passed the ITI translation or interpreting assessment in the given language pair.

Please note: membership of one of our Networks does not constitute membership of ITI.