19 Apr 2021

ITI Polish Language Network

The purpose of ITI’s Polish Language Network is to encourage closer, mutually beneficial links between professional translators and interpreters who work with English and Polish. We aim to be a friendly, supportive and professional community and become a focal point for sharing information of interest to Polish linguists. We seek to promote the highest standards in the profession.

Members of the network are geographically widely dispersed so the main channels of communication are an e-group and online meetings; very occasionally we may organise physical meetings in varying locations, sometimes alongside ITI events.

The e-group is a forum for:

  • Exchanging information of interest to Polish translators and interpreters
  • Seeking advice from your peer group
  • Questions about terminology
  • Collaborating with colleagues e.g. referring work or collaborating on specific projects
  • Discussion of ideas for activities and the future direction of the network.

The online meetings include:

  • Discussion meetings for members interested in a particular topic
  • Monthly training webinars led either by our members or guest speakers on topics of particular interest to Polish translators and/or interpreters
  • Book club and film club.

We run a free mentoring programme covering various topics and skills.

We welcome translators and interpreters who use Polish professionally and are ready to contribute and help create a lively community. The focus of the network is on translation and interpreting in a UK context, but we welcome members based elsewhere and are keen to develop contacts with relevant organisations in Poland. You do not have to be a member of ITI to join the network, but only qualified ITI members will be included in any Directory published externally e.g. on our website. To join you need to be a member (or registrant) who adheres to the Code of Conduct of a relevant translation and/or interpreting organisation e.g. ITI, CIOL or NRPSI.

We are open to other suggestions and member participation in developing the network. A network is only as good as its members!

Contact us:

Agata McCrindle – Network Coordinator.

Find a Professional

The ITI Directory is a free search facility to help you find the professional translator, interpreter or language service provider that can best help you with your language requirements.

You can search on a number of criteria, such as language pair (e.g. Polish to English), specialisms (e.g. marketing, pharmaceutical, legal) or specific name of the individual or business.

All individual members listed in the ITI Directory are Qualified members (MITI) or Fellows of ITI (FITI). This means that they have passed the ITI translation or interpreting assessment in the given language pair.

Please note: membership of one of our Networks does not constitute membership of ITI.