05 Aug 2020

ITI Portuguese Network

Tell us about the Portuguese Group

We are a language specialist group with around 40 members. We are almost exclusively an online e-group although we do occasionally meet up at other ITI events.

What is the aim of the group?

Our aims are to:

  • Act as a language network of the ITI and further the interests of ITI
  • Provide a forum for exchanging information of interest to translators and interpreters translating or interpreting into/out of Portuguese (both Lusitanian and Brazilian)
  • Provide advice and support to members of the network
  • Organise professional development events
  • Promote cooperation and social contacts between members
  • Help work providers find appropriate translators/interpreters for their needs

What sort of events do you organise?

We chat regularly online, and organise occasional CPD workshops when there is sufficient demand to make them viable.

Why should I join?

Membership gives you access to our e-group for terminology queries and general advice plus information on terminology / culture / practises in the various parts of the Portuguese-speaking world from members with local experience, such as is not always readily available elsewhere.

Contact us

To join, email Graham Cross FITI (there is currently no membership fee).

Find a Professional

The ITI Directory is a free search facility to help you find the professional translator, interpreter or language service provider that can best help you with your language requirements.

You can search on a number of criteria, such as language pair (e.g. German to English), specialisms (e.g. marketing, pharmaceutical, legal) or specific name of the individual or business.

All individual members listed in the ITI Directory are Qualified members (MITI) or Fellows of ITI (FITI). This means that they have passed the ITI translation or interpreting assessment in the given language pair.

Please note: membership of one of our Networks does not constitute membership of ITI.