23 Oct 2018

ITI Profile: Charles Hagon Supporter

I studied German and Russian at university before a spell in industrial sales and then training and working as a solicitor in the UK.

In 2003 after passing a translation diploma exam, I was able to combine my interests in languages and law when I became a lawyer-linguist at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. Now I manage a section of translators from all over Europe who translate the ECB’s economic and financial texts into EU languages. It’s great fun and requires cultural sensitivity and adaptability.

Being an ITI supporter is really useful to me. The magazine enables me to follow developments and trends in the translation industry and keep track of training opportunities that could interest my colleagues. Translation is changing so fast, particularly with the expanding use of technology, but I’m convinced that skilled and specialised human translators and communicators will continue to add real value for years to come. By the way, as a hobby I’m studying Mandarin, which really keeps my language brain cells active!