14 Jun 2022

ITI Profile: Megan Husband Student

In this ITI profile Megan Husband talks about her love of language and how ITI has provided her with training on the practicalities of starting out on her translation career.

I am in my final term of my master’s in Translation, studying part time at Goldsmiths University. I translate from French and Spanish into English and have been a student member of ITI throughout the duration of my two-year course. For me, being a member of ITI has been an invaluable source of training, networking and understanding of the industry as a whole.

I solidified my love for languages when I chose to study French and Spanish at the University of Bristol. The modules in translation peaked my interest, and when I lived in Paris and Argentina during my year abroad, I took every opportunity to translate for the organisations I was working for and with. After graduating and working for a year, I was still carrying out pro bono translations for those charities and decided I wanted to take it a step further and complete my MA in Translation.

While my master’s has provided a place to delve into the theoretical and linguistic aspect of translation, the webinars and courses at ITI have educated me on the practicalities of embarking on a career in translation. I also found the conference in May a great way of getting to know other translators; from those with years of experience and wisdom to impart, to other students like me. I am currently researching for my dissertation which will look at the translation of Renée Vivien’s poetry, through the lens of Queer and Feminist theory. I have made connections with other master’s students around the country through ITI and we are sharing with and encouraging one another.

Another step I took through ITI was my first translation podcast. I took part in the “Now We’re Talking” podcast in which new and training translators interview someone more established in their career, sharing tips and tricks that other listeners will be able to benefit from. Having the opportunity to chat to Susie Jackson was educational and eye-opening, particularly thanks to her expertise in the field of pricing and self-management as a freelancer.

After my graduation in September, I am keen to make the most of the networks I have joined within ITI, connect with my local associations and use the webinars and courses to guide my steps to setting up my freelance business. On a personal level, I would like to continue translating the works of Renée Vivien and ensure her legacy prevails. I explore her work among other translated literature on my Instagram page @in_translation_