01 Jun 2020

ITI Profile: Sammy Mwakio Student

I’m a Kenyan national based in Nairobi, Kenya and currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts French major degree at Athabasca University through online learning.

Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by languages and I remember the first time I began learning the English language in nursery school I was so fascinated by the language that I was always the best student in spelling in my class. Fast forward to primary school, I  began learning German and Spanish although I did not go far since I had to join high school and luckily, French was being offered at the high school I was set to join and that was how I started learning the French language.

I have been learning French since 1992 but every time I listen to a French language broadcast, watch a French movie or read a French novel, I always learn something new, no wonder some say, “Language is dynamic”.

My main aim of joining the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) is to prepare myself for the freelance translation world which is my long-term aspiration. I also look forward to learning from seasoned translators and to get tips and professional advice on how to make it as a language translator. I have done a few translations from French to English, English to French as well as English to Kiswahili but not on a large scale. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I look forward to pursuing a Master of Arts (M.A.) in translation studies at Birmingham University (online learning) to give me an edge in the competitive translation field.

I hope I will soon be involved in several projects geared towards achieving my lifelong ambition of being a renowned language translator.