03 Nov 2020

ITI Profile: Susanna Georgiou - Language Services

We talk to Susanna Georgiou about her role as Translation Manager for an international IT company, based on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

What does your role as a Translation Manager involve and can you describe a typical day for you?

My role as a Translation Manager involves a little bit of everything. I am the person in charge of finding the right vendors for projects. These are the freelance translators so I try to maintain good relationships and work productively with them.

With any new task/project request that I receive, I need to confirm the languages required, as well as the deadline. Then I prepare the task; this includes checking that the number of words and the deadline asked for is feasible, followed by the creation of purchase orders for vendors. I also consult the TM and glossary and update both if needed. Then, I contact the vendors to check their availability and assign tasks as necessary, ensuring that the budget is kept within limits.

After the assignment and the start of each task, I continue to monitor the progress of the project and make sure that all languages are on track for the given deadline. At the same time, I need to be available to answer any questions or queries from the translators and proofreaders. Finally, after the task has been delivered, I run a Language Quality Assurance (LQA) in order to verify quality.

How did your career as a Translation Manager start?

 I loved the idea of learning languages ever since I was very young and this led me to study English from a very young age. I then continued to study French as well. I hold a BA in French Language and Literature, and an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Birmingham. I have also studied in France where I obtained a Diploma in European Studies. After finishing my MA, I started providing freelance translations, mainly in Greek and English but also in French. I then worked as an in-lancer for an LSP until I got the chance to move to a dual role of Project Manager/Linguist at a translation company. Following this experience, I realised that I enjoyed the project management side of things, which is what brought me to my current position as a Translation Manager.

What technology do you work with regularly, and tell us about some of the advantages and disadvantages of using it?

I have worked with several standard tools, such as Trados, Memsource, and memoQ, but for the last year-and-a-half, I have been using Crowdin – a fantastic localisation tool – on a daily basis. It provides numerous features that make translation, proofreading, and project management very easy: linguists can easily search on TM and find previous translations quickly, which improves consistency. It also utilises a highly useful proofreading interface, with linguists able to make comments alongside sentences that project managers can reply directly to. Screenshots can also be added for each sentence, and tasks can be created quickly and effectively.

Do you have any advice for an aspiring Translation Manager or Project Manager? 

Learn to be patient and ensure that you are organised. Be tech savvy and always remain open to learning new things and new tools.

What made you decide to join ITI?

I think ITI represents a very interesting community. It enables me to meet new people within the industry, learn new things, and keep up-to-date with the 'translation' world. It also shows commitment to the industry.