26 May 2021

ITI Sailing & Boating Network

Tell us about your network

The aims of the ITI Sailing & Boating Network are to share sailing experiences and terminology amongst translators and interpreters, raise awareness amongst appropriate organisations about the importance of having translating and interpreting work done by qualified people, and organise visits to places of interest.

Target members are ITI members interested in sailing and boating, past or present – or future! We have a very broad definition of sailing. It includes dinghies, cruisers, motor boats, speedboats, boat-based water sports, canal narrowboats, canoes etc.

There will be no membership fee initially but the right is retained to charge such a fee in the future. Membership is not conditional upon being a member of the ITI and is open to interpreters, translators and other professionals in the language field who share a professional or personal interest in sailing, boating and related topics.

What sort of events do you organise?

We hold Zoom presentations about sailing in the broadest sense every two months.

When lockdown restrictions ease, we will plan visits to, for example, the Düsseldorf, Southampton, Poole boat shows, Sunseeker boat builders etc.

Why should I join? 

To meet like-minded people – interpreters and translators interested in sailing and boating!

Contact us

If you are thinking about joining, please get in touch with us at [email protected].
You can find us on Twitter.

Find a Professional 

The ITI Directory is a free search facility to help you find the professional translator, interpreter or language service provider that can best help you with your language requirements.

You can search on a number of criteria, such as language pair (e.g. German to English), specialisms (e.g. marketing, pharmaceutical, legal) or specific name of the individual or business.

All individual members listed in the ITI Directory are Qualified members (MITI) or Fellows of ITI (FITI). This means that they have passed the ITI translation or interpreting assessment in the given language pair.

Please note: membership of one of our Networks does not constitute membership of ITI.