05 Oct 2020

ITI unveils new Interpreter Assessment

ITI’s Interpreter Assessment has been reviewed, adapted and updated to make it more straightforward and inclusive – but just as rigorous as it has always been.

Before an interpreter is accepted as a Qualified member of ITI (MITI) they have to go through the Institute's rigorous application and assessment process. This ensures that those securing their services can be confident of their level of skill and professionalism.

Over the past year a working party of intepreters has been reviewing and updating the application process, the assessment, and the criteria for the Intepreter Assessment.

ITI Membership Manager Jacqui Flint explains.

'We know that interpreters come from a variety of backgrounds with differing opportunities to gain qualifications and experience, and we wanted the application and assessment process to reflect this.

We’ve maintained the high standards required of applicants but broadened the options for the criteria. Within the three required elements of references, qualifications and evidence, the applicant can now balance their application to reflect their career. There is still a minimum requirement for three years of professional references but for those with a lower level of qualification this can be balanced with more years of references and evidence; those with a relevant postgraduate qualification can submit less evidence and so on.'

Interpreter Jan Rausch, who was on the working party, adds: ‘We’ve made this assessment more accessible, in line with other professional associations. We’ve removed the sight translation element, focusing more on professional skills and ethics, because interpreting and language skills are covered by the references. And we’ve also updated the referee requirements because, for some smaller working languages there are fewer potential referees available.

We certainly haven’t made it easier – the standard is as high as it has always been – but we have aimed to make it fairer, and to open up to more languages which very much need skilled and qualified interpreters.’

To launch the new application and assessment process ITI has a special offer: £100 off the interpreter assessment fee for applications submitted before 31 Dec.