28 Sep 2020

New ITI Stars announced for International Translation Day

The results are in and the Institute has six more individuals to add to the pantheon of ITI Stars.

ITI has been updating its roll call of ITI Stars – inspiring translators and interpreters from the past and present – and is now able to announce who has been added to the collection.

Three years ago we created a collection of ITI Stars, featuring individuals nominated by ITI members. To celebrate International Translation Day this year (30 September), we have asked our members to suggest who they feel should join this illustrious group.

As a result, we have six individuals to add to the pantheon of ITI Stars, from the distant past, recent past and the present.

Bishop Miles Smith [1554-1624]

Bishop Miles Smith

Bishop Miles Smith was the chairman of the translators’ group responsible for the King James Bible, published in 1611, and known as the ‘Authorised Version’.

Many of the idioms we use every day originate from the King James Bible, including ‘bite the dust’, ‘wits’ end’, ‘the haves and the have-nots’, ‘sackcloth and ashes’.

Edith Pargeter 1913–1995

Many people will know the English writer Edith Pargeter by her pseudonym Ellis Peters, under which she wrote the successful Brother Cadfael books, but as a translator she was also almost single-handedly responsible for bringing Czech literature to the attention of people in the UK.

In 1968 she was awarded the Czechoslovak Society for International Relations Gold Medal for her services to Czech literature.

William Tyndale 1494–1536

William Tyndale is well-known for his translation of the Bible into English (1526), influenced by the works of Erasmus of Rotterdam and Martin Luther.

In translating the bible, Tyndale introduced new words into the English language such as Passover and scapegoat. He also coined such familiar phrases as ‘my brother’s keeper’, ‘seek and ye shall find’, ‘let there be light’, ‘it came to pass’ and ‘filthy lucre’.

His work inspired bible translations that followed.

Paulina Helgeson

Paulina Helgeson is the translator of Jane Austen’s letters to Swedish.

Her work on Austen reflects the global fascination for an English writer who wrote relatively little over 200 years ago, and yet is still generating a vast amount of interest all over the world.

Sharon Choi

Sharon Choi

Sharon Choi is an aspiring filmmaker who won legions of her own fans thanks to her work interpreting for Bong Joon-ho, the director of the black comedy thriller Parasite, during awards season. The Korean film won four Oscars in 2019 and a number of other awards.

Bong’s jokes and speeches charmed fans and industry figures alike, but many also praised Choi for her nuanced and careful interpretation and delivery of his remarks.

Darcy Paquet

Darcy Paquet wrote the English language subtitles for the Korean film Parasite, which won four Oscars in 2019 and a number of other awards.

The black comedy delivers a specific kind of humour through its dialogue. Critics praised the quality of the film’s subtitles, saying they allowed foreign audiences to laugh in all the right places.

In relation to the publicity surrounding the film, Paquet said he was happy that the art of subtitle translation was in the news and that a close partnership with the director, combined with good planning and ample time for subtitle revision, ultimately led to a better result.

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Dorothy Sayers
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St Jerome

Svetlana Carsten
Alexander Drechsel
Levitical Interpreters
Jemina Napier
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Viktor Sukhodrev
Unknown/Horemhab’s interpreter

In a lighter vein – fiction
Honey Huan
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