16 Dec 2020

ITI reaffirms commitment to international partners

In an open letter to fellow institutes and associations in Europe and around the world, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting has committed to a close collaborative future post Brexit.

Dear colleagues and friends,

It has been said far too often, but 2020 has indeed been an extremely interesting year for all of us. Notwithstanding Covid-19, the United Kingdom has left the European Union and, as I write this letter, the country’s future relationship with our neighbours is still unclear. However, 2021 is looming, and I feel that it is important for us at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting to reach out, with the hand of friendship, and not let go.

ITI is committed to a close and collaborative future with fellow institutes and associations, not just in Europe, but worldwide. Brexit doesn’t change that, indeed it rather serves to reinforce our desire to be a force for effective communication and collaboration, regardless of where people are located. Our members’ raison d’être is communication, we exist to build bridges, and we work to ensure that messages are not only heard, but also understood, clearly, in any language.

Over 20% of ITI’s members are outside the UK, and, in many cases, are also members of their local associations. We look forward to continuing to support them individually, as well as strengthening the ties that bind us as we emerge into an interesting new world.

Stronger together,
Paul Appleyard signature.png

Paul Appleyard
ITI Chair