07 Apr 2020

Read the latest issue of IgnITIon

ITI has published the spring issue of IgnITIon – the online magazine for students and those who have recently embarked on their translation and interpreting careers.

It offers lots of tips, advice and inspiration about planning your career and developing as a professional within the translation and interpreting sector.

Topics in this issue include: working at the Council of Europe; doing an internship; how to get as much practical experience as possible as quickly as possible; personal experiences of attending conferences and workshops, and the benefits these bring; and a thought-provoking piece on why we should not be so dismissive of translating out of your native language (L2 translation).

We also have advice and insights from Corrine Harries, a recent winner of the ITI Best Newcomer – Freelancing award, and Victoria Fletcher and Clive Rodgers, who achieved the accolade of Best in Class in ITI’s recent SUFT programme.

Most of our contributors are new to the profession and discussing what has helped them and how they have dealt with challenges.

The next issue will be published in the autumn. If you are interested in contributing an article for the magazine, send your idea for consideration to [email protected].