17 Oct 2019

Record attendance at ITI AGM

There was record attendance on 12 October for ITI’s Annual General Meeting, which was in its second year of taking place online.

Members dialled in from all over the UK as well as overseas including Tenerife, Portugal, Italy and Muscat.

In his address, ITI chief executive Paul Wilson referenced good financial performance which included maintaining income and containing and reducing costs from year to year in many areas.

To illustrate how resources were being used, he highlighted some of the many activities undertaken over the course of the membership year being reported on:

  • Every day helped callers who wanted a translator or an interpreter
  • Supported members with their questions
  • Helped those who wanted to become a member, or find out about a career in translation/interpreting
  • Launched ISO certification
  • Increased the number of qualified members in rarer languages
  • Completed a webinar every month, maintaining these on the website
  • Completed all the preparations for the Sheffield conference in May 2019
  • Worked with universities to encourage more student members, facilitating upgrading at the appropriate time
  • Significantly increased social media following
  • Issued the monthly member update, and a version just for students
  • Produced IgnITIon – the magazine for students and those just starting their careers
  • Compiled research and trends e-books
  • Conducted two Pulse Surveys to gauge trends affecting members

Participants were very engaged in the question and answer session at the end of the AGM, which worked well in the online format.