20 Jan 2020

Some unexpected reasons for entering for an award

Written by Catherine Park

Awards provide well-deserved recognition for achievements, but this is not the only reason for taking part.

Professionals in the translation and interpreting sector are not renowned for highlighting their own achievements, and they may sometimes be reluctant to do so for fear of seeming to ‘show off’.

But when entering for an award, it’s not just about gaining recognition and plaudits. There are other, perhaps slightly more unexpected reasons for entering. Here are just a few:

Continuing professional development

Entering for an award is a useful exercise in reflection, analysis and writing. It provides an opportunity to reflect on what you have done, what you feel went well and what you could have perhaps done better. And submitting an award entry counts towards continuing professional development points for ITI members.

Helping the profession

Reading about the experiences of peers can provide inspiration to other practitioners and give them ideas about new ways of doing things, or ways to tackle particular kinds of challenges. It can help to benchmark one’s own performance and approach against others in the sector.


Positive feedback can be hard to come by, particularly if you are working as a freelancer. Winning an ITI award, or achieving a special commendation, can help to give individuals the confidence that they are indeed performing well and doing their best for clients.

The winner of our 2018 best performance on a translation assignment category award, Heather Stacey, commented:

I think translators are so often virtually invisible and it is rare to receive this kind of recognition. I felt it immediately gave me a new confidence and authority in my work. I shared the news of my award with all my clients who responded with very kind comments, as did many colleagues. I have also highlighted it to new clients and in competitive tendering processes. I think it has probably already led to me winning at least two new clients – an additional bonus!

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Complete information about the awards and entry forms are available here.