02 May 2019

Spring 2019 Pulse Survey results

ITI members’ positivity about work prospects and the business environment has seen a continuing decline since the Institute’s regular Pulse Surveys began last year.

In the latest survey, 55% said they felt positive or very positive (versus 63% in Spring 2018), and 17% said they felt negative or very negative (versus 13%).  

New client gains have seen a decline since our last survey in the autumn. 65% had made gains (versus 69% in the autumn) while 21% had made no gains (versus 14%).

A negative trend in client gains also carries through to member responses regarding the impact of Brexit. 18% of respondents had seen a negative impact in this area, compared to 11% in the previous survey.

Other notable effects of Brexit were negative impact on exchange rates (21% of respondents) and positive impact on exchange rates (21%).

22% of respondents said the volume of work from existing clients had increased (21% autumn 2018), while 29% said it had decreased (24%). 15% said earnings per hour/day had reduced (13% autumn 2018), while 24% said they had increased (27%).