26 Aug 2020

The return of ITI Stars

ITI is updating its roll call of ITI Stars – inspiring translators and interpreters from the past or present – and we are inviting your nominations.

Three years ago, we created a collection of ITI Stars cards, featuring individuals nominated by ITI members. But we are sure there are many more we can recognise, and that there will have been significant achievements since we originally launched this initiative. It would be wonderful to hear about translators and interpreters who are achieving great things now.

We will be launching our new cards for International Translation Day on 30 September.

To tell us who you think we should add to our ITI Stars card pack, please provide the following information (see image on this page for additional guidance):

  • Name
  • Photo/image
  • Summary of achievement – max 15 words
  • Century active
  • Overall impact 1-100
  • Inspiration value 1-100
  • Star quality 1-100
  • Most important work – max 15 words

And send your nominations to [email protected] by 5pm on 23 September.


Our current roll call of ITI Stars


Albin Tybulewicz

Anthea Bell

Alfred Birmbaum

Elizabeth Carter

N J Dawood

Constance Garnett

Robin Gill

Yasmina Melouah

Bishop William Morgan

Harry Rohwolt

Dorothy Sayers

Ros Schwartz

CK Scott-Moncrieff

Mary Somerville

John Sykes

Rifa’a Al Tahtawi

St Jerome



Svetlana Carsten

Alexander Drechsel

Levitical Interpreters

Jemina Napier

Harry Obst


Franz Pochhacher

Siegfried Ramier

Viktor Sukhodrev

Unknown/Horemhab’s interpreter


In a lighter vein – fiction



Honey Huan

Silvia Broome