About ITI Networks

Whatever your location, language combination or subject specialism, joining one of our ITI Networks is an ideal way to build a supportive network of professional colleagues.

Our members are our greatest strength and between them they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. Tapping into this is particularly important if much of your professional life is spent working on your own as a freelancer.

Our ITI Networks take different forms, from virtual collectives who exist solely online, to socially active geographical networks which meet up regularly.

We have 17 Geographical Networks and 25 Language, Subject and Support Networks. Together with an active presence on social media and the many events they organise, they all serve to connect translators and interpreters across the UK and beyond.

Being a member of an ITI Network offers you many benefits, including:

  • Peer support and advice
  • A place to discuss new terminologies and to post queries
  • Social events
  • Professional development events which contribute towards your CPD

Scroll through the pictures below of some of the events organised by our ITI Networks. 

Please note: membership of one of our ITI Networks does not constitute membership of ITI.