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The ITI Directory is a free search facility to help you find the professional translator, interpreter or language service provider that can best help you with your language requirements.

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Why hire a professional?

You may not know that, in the UK, the translation and interpreting market is unregulated which means anyone can, in theory, call themselves a translator or interpreter, regardless of their qualifications or experience.

The public ITI Directory is the trusted source to find a professional to work with you on your translation or interpreting project. Members in the Individual Directory have proven their skills and experience by providing evidence of qualifications and references, completing an ITI assessment, and having a minimum of three years’ experience working as a translator or interpreter.

These members are known as Qualified Members (MITI) or Fellows (FITI) of ITI. You can confirm an individual is a member of ITI by using the Member check function.

For larger or more complex projects you can search the Language Service Provider Directory. These translation agencies have completed a rigorous application process and agree to work to the principles of the ITI Code of Conduct.

Find a translator

Find a translator

If you need materials like a website, advert, patent or any document written into another language, you will need a translator.

Find an interpreter

Find an interpreter

If you need someone to communicate between different languages, for example in a meeting, appointment or in court, you will need an interpreter.

Conference Interpreter

Find a conference interpreter

A conference interpreter will convey your speakers' messages to delegates at multi-lingual meetings.

Find a LSP

Find a Language Service Provider

Contact a Language Service Provider for help with delivering larger, more complex or multilingual projects.

Member check

Member check

Use our member check facilities to confirm if an individual or a company is a member of ITI.

Embassy information

Embassy information

Requirements of embassies, and how to find Greek Embassy-registered translators.

Certified translations

Official translations

Understand certified and other types of official translations.

Why use a professional new

Why use a professional?

Find out why it always pays to hire a professional.