Benefits of CPD

Engaging in Continuing Professional Development ensures your qualifications do not become outdated and that your skills remain current and relevant.

CPD for those involved in the language services sector is all about refining and expanding your existing skills and subject knowledge, keeping up to date with commercial and linguistic developments, learning new technologies and contributing to our profession.

In your early career you may prioritise improving your understanding of running a business or getting to grips with a new translation tool, whereas more established professionals may prioritise honing their subject knowledge or ‘giving back’ in the form of mentoring or committee work for ITI.

Wherever you are in your career, regular CPD:

  • Provides evidence of your commitment to your career and profession
  • Boosts your profile with existing and potential clients 
  • Enhances understanding of your specialist field
  • Gives you the potential to earn more
  • Helps you improve your productivity, efficiency and confidence by learning new skills
  • Enables you to learn a new specialism
  • Keeps you up to date with your source language
  • Leads to greater job satisfaction

ITI recommends that all members* undertake 30 hours of CPD in each membership year.

* Except Academic or Supporter membership categories