Types of CPD

CPD comes in many different forms and combines different methods of learning, such as training courses, workshops, e-learning and self-directed learning, all designed to improve your skills and proficiency.

At ITI we differentiate between formal and self-directed CPD. Below are some examples of the types of CPD that ITI recommends.

Formal CPD

  • Courses, conferences and workshops organised by ITI, its ITI Networks
  • Online tutorials, webinars and e-learning
  • Conferences, lectures, webinars or workshops organised by other professional bodies in your area of specialisation, e.g. medical, legal or technical
  • Courses organised by universities, including distance-learning courses

Self-directed CPD

  • Preparing for an MITI assessment
  • Visits to specialist libraries, technical installations or client premises
  • Reading specialist publications, such as the ITI Bulletin, learned journals and other literature in your specialist subject(s)
  • Research work (excluding research for thesis as part of BA/MA in translation/interpreting and research undertaken as part of your paid work)
  • Pro-bono work
  • Preparing and delivering lectures, presentations, seminars or workshops
  • Writing articles, dictionaries or website reviews
  • Listening to radio/podcasts, or watching TV/films in your source language
  • In-house training for staff translators

Contributing to the profession
This is also recognised as Continuing Professional Development and examples include:

  • Committee work in ITI or one of its ITI Networks, or in another professional body
  • Outreach work, such as talking to schools about careers in languages, etc.
  • Mentoring