Professional standards

ITI seeks to promote the highest standards in the profession and so ITI members are expected to adhere to high levels of professional standards.

How we regulate 

All our members, whether based in the UK or abroad, are required to adhere to and uphold the ITI Code of Professional Conduct.

ITI is responsible for ensuring that our individual and corporate members adhere to the ITI Code of Professional Conduct. However, it is important to recognise what ITI can and cannot investigate.

Contractual disputes

ITI is unable to get involved in disputes of a contractual nature between our members, whether individual or corporate, and their direct clients. If you are a client and have a complaint about one of our members, you should communicate directly and solely with that member to resolve any outstanding issues.

Professional conduct complaints

Allegations of breaches of the ITI Code of Professional Conduct are taken very seriously. There is a procedure for dealing with reported breaches of the Code. A report of a breach may be notified by an ITI member, by a non-member or by the Institute itself.

If you wish to notify ITI of a potential breach, you should download the notification form and use this to submit your complaint. For more information, please refer to our PCC fact sheet, PCC procedure and PCC notification of breach.

ITI is committed to providing excellent customer service. If, in your direct contact with us, you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, please email [email protected] so that we can investigate your complaint and do everything possible to rectify the situation for you.