This section contains information, reports and documents about the running and governance of ITI.

ITI is a Company Limited by Guarantee. This means that our members, act as guarantors, with each member's maximum liability being limited to £1. We are a membership organisation, administered by a small team of paid staff at our office based in Milton Keynes. 

Each member of our elected governing body, the Board of Directors, is legally responsible for all strategic, financial and membership aspects of the Institute. In September 2014, the full Board approved the formation of the Executive Board, subsequently renamed as the Chair and Vice Chairs' Committee. The Terms of Reference were also approved.

Our Committees, Working Parties, and Networks are all administered on a voluntary basis by ITI members.

ITI's policies on Anti-harassment and bullying and on Equality and diversity are publicly available. Further policies, relevant to ITI members, can be viewed by following the link below.

 When logged in, ITI members can view governance reports and documents using the links below. 

AGM minutes


Annual reports

Annual Reports

Articles of association 1

Articles of Association

Board elections

Board nominations and elections

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