Our vision

Empowering global conversations by bridging linguistic and cultural differences.

Our vision is to contribute to a world where every word is understood, and where language is never a barrier. We achieve this through supporting and developing skilled professional translators and interpreters, and promoting the value of their expertise.

Translation is the process of transferring meaning from one written language to another while maintaining the essence and context of the original. Interpreting is the transfer of meaning from one spoken language to another.  

Effective translation and interpreting is crucial because it enables communication between diverse cultures, breaking down language barriers in literature, business, diplomacy, technology, medicine, and more. This bridge facilitates the global exchange of ideas, stories, and knowledge, fostering unity, understanding, and connections among people worldwide. Translation plays a pivotal role in our interconnected world, ensuring that information and innovations transcend linguistic boundaries to enrich our collective human experience.

ITI is the leading independent professional membership body for practising translators and interpreters in the UK. Founded in 1986 and with over 3,000 members, ITI plays a key role within the language services industry in the UK and internationally.

ITI offers a range of memberships designed to support translators and interpreters at each step of their career. We also welcome project managers, corporate members and academic institutions into our membership. In addition to our UK membership base, ITI has a large and growing international membership in continental Europe and around the world.

Our mission is to:

  • Offer a professional home for language professionals, helping them to create and nurture a fulfilling career
  • Promote and enforce our standards for professional conduct through training and education
  • Increase public recognition of the value of the translation and interpreting professions through advocacy and engagement.
Our mission infographic

Our strategic priorities for the finanical year 2023-24

Priority area Objectives
Expand our advocacy programme Raise the profile of the profession by increasing our stakeholder engagement
Promote the value of the translation and interpreting professions to clients and business networks
Engage with relevant policy topics Respond to digital innovation (e.g. generative AI)
Continue to collaborate with sector colleagues (e.g. public service interpreting)
Publish the outcomes of the research into freelance rates
Enhance our learning and skills offer Continue to deliver high quality professional development opportunities for members
Commission and implement an ITI Learning Management System
Prepare for a successful ITI Conference in Edinburgh, in June 2024