ITI is a membership organisation so we rely on members'  fees in order to operate. You can find out about  our annual membership fees below.

Please also read our Application and membership terms and conditions.

Application fees

There is a one-off application fee of £60 (inc. VAT) for all individual and corporate membership categories, except for Student, Affiliate and Accredited LSP membership. This is non-refundable and in addition to the annual membership fee and any assessment fees.


Individual Membership fees

Membership category Application fee Annual fee
Student N/A £49
1st year Affiliate N/A £99
Affiliate N/A £117
Associate (AITI) £60 £163
Qualified (MITI/FITI) £60 £249
Project Manager £60 £117
Supporter £60 £117
Academic £60 £117

Corporate Membership fees

Membership category Application fee Annual fee
Accredited Language Service Provider N/A £595
Language Service Provider £60 £595
Associate £60 £300
Education £60 £329
Affiliate £60 £480
Community £60 £395
Technology £60 £750

Assessment fees (MITI only)

For MITI membership (Translator and Interpreter), an assessment fee is payable. All fees shown are inclusive of VAT.

  • Standard translator assessment/resit fee - £389

  • Qualification Supported Assessment (QSA) fee - £270

The assessment fee (either option above) covers one combination of source and target language - e.g. Spanish to English is one language combination and English to Spanish is another. Further language combinations will require an additional assessment with associated fees.

  • Interpreter assessment/resit interview fee - £389

  • Detailed report fee (only available if you are unsuccessful in the assessment) - £60

  • Appeal fee - £252

If you need further information about fees, please contact the Membership Officer.

Claiming tax relief

ITI is on the HMRC list of approved bodies, which means that your annual membership subscription can be claimed as a deductible expense for UK tax purposes.

How do I apply?

Firstly, look at our individual or corporate membership categories and decide which one suits you best.

It’s quick and easy to submit your application online. If you need further advice on becoming member, please contact us.