Job adverts

The ITI Website attracts more than 10,000 visitors every month.

Advertising Rates

The cost is £400 per four-week period. ITI Corporate members can now advertise their jobs for free. ITI Individual members receive a 10% discount (before VAT) on the above rates.

Please note: all prices are exclusive of VAT.

What do we need?

  • Company logo (square) 500 x 500 pixels (JPEG) – Company logo (PNG)
  • The text of the advert in Word format. If any of the copy is in a language other than English, please also provide a translation.
  • If you’re just providing an image for the advert this will need to have a link to where the information can be found on your website

We may require up to 7 working days’ notice to design and upload the advert. All adverts are placed on the website subject to availability. Once the dates have been confirmed we will raise an invoice. Once this has been paid the advert will be designed.

What else is included:

As well as the above we will also.

  • Advertise your job in our Monthly update. We send this out in the first week of every month
  • We will also promote your advert on ITI’s social media channels.

What will the advert look like?

The advert will be displayed on the Jobs Board.

Job advert.jpg



The advert will have a hyperlink built in which goes straight to the job advert on your website.




For an additional charge of £100 plus VAT we can also advertise the vacancy on the ITI home page.


If you would like to advertise on the ITI website, please email [email protected] and ‘cc’ in [email protected]

We look forward to helping you successfully extend your brand recognition and global reach – this year and beyond!