ITI is the only UK-based independent professional membership association for practising translators, interpreters and language service providers.

Founded in 1986 we now have over 3,000 members, both in the UK and internationally. ITI aims to represent the interests of our members, and those of the industry itself, raising the profile of the profession.

What exactly is translation and interpreting, and what do our members do?

Translation can be defined as the process of converting written text or words from one language to another, whereas interpreting is the process of orally converting spoken words from one language to another, or between one language and another. Most of our individual members are either translators (working with the written word) or interpreters (working with the spoken word) but some work in both fields.

Our corporate members include Language Service Providers (LSPs) who provide a range of services across a variety of languages and Corporate Education members which are higher education establishments – both in the UK and abroad – offering undergraduate and post-graduate courses in translation, interpreting and modern languages.

We also have Corporate Affiliate and individual Supporter members, who are not practising translators, interpreters or language businesses, but who are associated with – and interested in – our profession.