ITI Awards

The ITI Awards awards recognise the achievements of translators and interpreters and include the prestigious John Sykes Prize for Excellence.

The awards showcase strong knowledge and skills, best practice, business know-how and excellent client relationships, as well as new ways of doing things, and significant contributions to the profession.

ITI Awards 2024

Awards were made in the following categories.

Assessment awards

Presented to the candidates who have achieved the highest score in the assessment for ITI Qualified Member status.

  • John Hayes Prize for Excellence in Translation: Daniel Spencer 
  • Interpreting Assessment Award: Lin Wang

John Sykes Memorial Prize for Excellence

Presented for outstanding achievement in translation or interpreting over a long period, the winner is selected by the current and recent Chairs of the Institute.

In 2024 the prize was awarded to Callum Walker and Joseph Lambert who have been recognised for their in-depth and relevant research for the benefit of our industry and for freelance translators and interpreters in particular. Joseph is a Lecturer in Translation Studies at Cardiff University, while Callum is an Associate Professor of Translation Technology at University of Leeds. 

John Sykes Memorial Prize 2024


John Sykes Memorial Prize for Excellence - List of award winners

These are the winners of the award to date:

  • Oxford University Press 1997
  • Ewald Osers 2001
  • Patricia Crampton 2002
  • Albin Tybulewicz and Lanna Castellano 2007
  • Michael Rowley 2009.
  • Eyvor Fogarty 2012
  • Sue Young 2013 (awarded posthumously, accepted by a friend, Hillary Stang)
  • Rachel Malcolm 2015
  • Ros Schwartz 2017
  • Chris Durban 2018
  • Anthea Bell 2019 Joint winner (awarded posthumously, accepted by her son)  
  • Dr Joanna Drugan 2019 Joint winner
  • Michalina Ageros 2020
  • Daniel Hahn 2021
  • DGT (EU Directorate General for Translation) 2022
  • Sabine Braun 2023

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