Interpreting international arbitrations remotely

Watch the recording of Tony Rosado's presentation to the ITI Conference 2022. 

Technology and Covid-19 have changed our professional practice, opening possibilities that were not there before. Interpreting international arbitrations remotely could open new opportunities to those willing to do the hard work and get prepared for this demanding market where most multi-billion dollar, euro and pound disputes are resolved. Watching this presentation will give you a clear picture of this little-known specialisation.

International arbitration is a field where interpreters find steady work and where both conference and legal interpreting skills and knowledge are required. Distance interpreting allows us to work anywhere in the world without leaving our hometown. This opens the door to this interesting, complicated, and fascinating world of international controversies involving celebrities, Fortune 500 corporations, and billions of Pounds, Dollars, and Euros. Tony shares his experience in the field, and explains what constitutes an international arbitration, the interpreters’ role, the difference between this work and court interpreting, and how being a conference interpreter helps you to prepare for such assignments. You could add another interesting, challenging, and well-remunerated field to their professional practice.


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Tony Rosado, CI, USCCI, JD. For over 30 years, Tony has worked as conference interpreter for many high profile events and clients, including the U.S. Department of State as an independent contractor; major radio & TV networks in the U.S. and Mexico, including press conferences, presidential speeches and debates, and sports events; a court interpreter certified by the U.S. government; his studies include a Law Degree by Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City.

For over 2 decades Tony has been an instructor and interpreter trainer at universities in all continents; a regular presenter at conferences throughout the world; author of 2 books on interpreting, and “The Professional Interpreter” blog. Tony has interpreted for death penalty trials, Olympic Games, and TV broadcasts. He has worked with many top level politicians, celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs, including presidents and popes.