Productivity: Moving from a place of overwhelm to getting things done

Watch the recording of Bex Elder's presentation to the ITI Conference 2022. 

If you ever feel paralysed by the list of things to do, Bex will show you how, by analysing your business goals, it is possible to figure out the steps you need to get there and break them into manageable chunks.

Being a freelancer and running a business can result in a lot of juggling. We don’t just translate or interpret. We’re the head of marketing, the accountant, the CPD leader, and the administrator, so it’s easy to feel paralysed by all we have to do. In her conference session, Bex Elder looked at both the mindset shifts and the practical tools, such as Todoist and LSP Expert, that can help us move from a place of overwhelm to getting things done. While there will inevitably always be things on our to-do list, this session aims to give strategies, not just ticking for things off, but to help you put processes in place to achieve your business goals, whatever they are.

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Bex is a French and Spanish to English translator, specialising in marketing and working with creative businesses to help them tell their story. Bex has been translating since 2017 and is passionate about how our language can promote a more equal society, mental health, the Scotland rugby team, delicious tapas and good gin.

Twitter: @translatorbex