Strengthen your business with intellectual property

Watch the recording of Cecilia Lipovsek's presentation to the ITI Conference 2022. 

We all have more to offer than just our interpreting/translation skills. Cecilia explains how to monetise what we know.

As translators and interpreters, we "do". Such is the very nature of being a service provider. Thus, we only make money when (and if) we are "doing" what we do. The caveat? We cannot scale nor can we diversify ourselves. As the serious professionals we are, we tend to put all our focus and energy on improving our skills, on being better at what we do. And rightly so!

But what about what we know? Not just what we know about our own trade skills, which we can share with and teach to our colleagues, but also what we know about those ancillary skills that make us great at what we do and we can share and teach to our clients. This knowledge can be turned into intellectual property in the form of, for example, information products. Products that can be scaled and automated; that may or may not need us to be there, present, "doing". Popular wisdom says that we should not put all our eggs in one basket. Business experts talk of building product ecosystems. Cecilia calls it her London Tube Levels. Whatever you wish to call it, the idea is the same: strengthen you business with scalable, automated intellectual property that makes you money while freeing up time so you can do what you do the way you want to do it.


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Cecilia Lipovsek is a London-based conference and diplomatic interpreter and owner of MULTILATERAL, a professional services company with a strong emphasis in culturally-sensitive communication serving British and Latin American governments, businesses, and professionals. Early in 2021, she published JUMP!, the first business book created for interpreters, and launched THE SAVVY TERP®, a programme designed to help fellow interpreters with the business side of interpreting.