When translation meets technologies: language service providers (LSPs) in the digital age

A report by the University of Portsmouth.

How much should translators use machine translation?

What’s the best method for translators to communicate with translation companies? What technological skills are expected of translators nowadays? How are language services businesses harnessing the recent development of translation technologies?

We all know technology is important in translation today, but it is difficult to know what the industry stakeholders are really thinking and feeling about it. We asked project managers and business owners of language service providers (LSPs) a variety of questions about translation and technologies. The questions covered six key areas:

  • machine translation
  • CAT tools
  • interpreting-related tools
  • training
  • paid-crowdsourcing business model
  • communication tools

This report illustrates the opinions and perceptions of people who work in the language services businesses about the recent development of technologies in the industry and their views on future trends.

This report is based on a focus group study conducted by the University of Portsmouth.