All you need to know about post-editing

Post-editing is a job which requires a different skill set from translation. It also entails different working conditions and has a different professional image from translation. When a translation company asks you to do a post-editing assignment, how can you make the right decision about whether to take it up or not?

The webinar will provide answers to these commonly-asked questions:

  • What exactly is post-editing?
  • Why are translation companies asking you to do post-editing work?
  • How do you know that post-editing is the right job for you?
  • What skill sets are needed to do post-editing?
  • Does post-editing give me a good career prospect?

Aimed at freelance translators who are thinking of starting, or have already started, to take on post-editing work. It is also suitable for any language professionals or students who want to know more about post-editing.

Any questions please contact Ann Brooks, Professional Development Officer


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