ITI Portuguese Network

What we’ve been up to in the past 6 months

The Portuguese book club was created at the beginning of 2021, and we’ve held bimonthly meetings via Zoom to discuss a preselected book ever since. We’re very open to exploring new cultures and genres and welcome recommendations from all our members, the only catch is that the book must have been originally published in Portuguese. In some of our most recent meetings, we’ve discussed Lula: Filho do Brasil by Denise Paraná, A Confissão da Leoa by Mia Couto, Quando a Luz Apaga by Gustavo Ávila and Felicidade by Joao Tordo. We're always happy to see new faces at our meetings and encourage discussion in both English and Portuguese.

In August 2021, we published the first edition of our new newsletter. The idea came around as we wanted share information about upcoming CPD events, recommendations for Portuguese language media (including podcasts, films, tv shows etc) and technology hacks with our members.